Entrusted To Our Care by Marie Williams

Fear in school is rising,
Innocents attacked.
Children killing children,
God bring some order back.

Precious lives You’ve given,
Entrusted to our care.
Grant us godly wisdom,
To keep them from despair.

Help us teach the children,
In love and kindly deeds.
Praising their achievements,
Respect their privacy.

Our children are our future…
Our responsibility,
To show there is a better way,
It starts on bended knees.

We must show by doing.
Begin each day with prayer,
Petitioning the Father,
He’ll gladly meet us there.

Reveal the hidden treasures,
Of Gods unchanging Word.
Strengthening their confidence,
They’ll know the voice, they’ve heard.

It’s time to guard our children,
Take back what Satan stole;
We all must work together…
Give God complete control.

© 2006 Marie Williams




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